Interior cleaner

Solute™ Interior machine cleaner not only cleans the inside of your coffee machine but it also helps to protect and maintain it. During the development process of this product, exceptional care and attention was taken to ensure that the internal silicone components of the coffee machine would not be affected and remain protected.

Coffee fats are removed just as easily as old coffee rests, thanks to the powerful cleansing formula. The product is bio degradable, very simple and safe to use. Solute interior machine cleaner sets a whole new standard in terms of hygiene. Simply spray the liquid onto the parts that need cleaning, rinse with clean water and wipe down with a damp cloth and all signs of scale are removed.

Solute Machine Cleaning Spray | 1x 500 ml

This product is ready to use and has a quick, efficient hygienic effect. It is suitable for use in many ways such as cleaning the head group,
the water/coffee ducts and the drainage tray. This is the perfect product for every service and maintenance company.

€ 8,99


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