Grinder cleaner

Solute™ grinder cleaner has a patented formula specially for use in fully automatic and other professional coffee grinders. Solute coffee grinder cleaner removes all residue and coffee rests whilst absorbing residual fats and oils. It is not necessary to disassemble your coffee grinder.

Coffee beans contain natural oils and fats that soil your coffee grinder. It is therefore necessary that your coffee grinder is periodically cleaned. This way your grinder remains in optimum condition and the grind of your coffee fresh and without any coffee rests. After cleaning your coffee grinder, you can once again enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

Solute grinder cleaner | 1x 480g

Pure natural organic cleaning powder for professional and domestic coffee grinders | without added chemicals | a balanced blend of natural cereals. The easiest and most efficient way to clean your coffee grinder regularly removes all oily and fatty residues from the grinder burrs which can become rancid and spoil your coffee flavor and aroma.


€ 13,99


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